Welcome to Coastal California Blueberry Farm.

In 2007, Coastal California Blueberry Farm introduced blueberries to southern California’s agricultural tapestry. Today 169 acres of prime Ventura County farmland are being planted with blueberries in this “fruitful venture.” Our goal here at the Farm is to provide the best in healthful, plump, delicious blueberries for a prolonged season that extends from late winter (February) into summer (June). Depending on our current trials with late-bearing varieties and the application of suitable agricultural practices, it is hoped that production can be extended somewhat into the early fall (September-October). The blueberry bushes are thriving in the moderate climate of Ventura County’s beautiful Santa Rosa Valley, where the Gerry family has farmed for almost one hundred years. Using the latest in innovative technology, combined with the experience of generations in farming, Coastal California Blueberry Farm looks forward to being a leader in southern California’s burgeoning blueberry production for decades to come. The project is located on historic citrus and avocado ranches owned and operated by the Gerry Family.
Coastal California Blueberry Farm
1. View of Lemon and Avocado Orchards prior to orchard removal
Ventura County Blueberries
2. Aerial Photo showing the two Gerry properties that comprise the Blueberry project
Further information on the development of 169 acres of previously citrus and avocado orchards into blueberry operations is summarized in more detail under the “History” page. This website is dynamic and is intended to change as the need for information evolves. As currently configured the website comprises the following sections:

• Home Page – General Project Description
• History – Comments about the Project History and Photo Essay on Ranch Development September 2007 – June 2008.
• Project Updates – Regular updates (pictures and text) informing you of the latest happenings and progress at the ranch.
• Contacts – Contact information for Will and Dave Gerry (Gerry Management) and the folks at Robert Ausdal Company.
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